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This Japanese Smartphone Will Prevent You From Taking Naked Selfies
In this day and age where everyone has a smartphone with a camera, it’s not surprising that many have taken the opportunity to snap a naughty selfie every now and then. However, over in Japan, Tone Mobile has launched a new smartphone in the form of the Tone e20 that apparently will stop users from snapping naked photos of themselves.

Woman Damages Precious Dali And Goya Artwork While Taking A Selfie
People tend to take unreasonable risks when trying to capture the perfect selfie. Sometimes they may not even be aware of their surroundings and this can lead to disastrous consequences. A young woman in Russia has found herself in hot water after her attempt to capture a selfie resulted in damage to precious works of art by Salvador Dali and Francisco Goya

Woman Falls To Her Death Trying To Take A Selfie
We get the allure of snapping selfies. Maybe you have on a killer outfit, or maybe you think your hair looks exceptionally well today, or you’re travelling and want to share it with your friends, family, and/or followers. Unfortunately in the case of 27-year old Sandra Manuela Da Costa Macedo, her attempt at trying to take a selfie resulted in her death.

Baby Dolphin Reportedly Dies While Tourists Snap Selfies With It
You might recall that back in 2016 there was a story of how a washed up dolphin died after tourists decided to grab at it to snap selfies instead of putting it back in the water. Now it looks like we have another similar case and for some reason it is taking place in Argentina once again.


Mastercard's Selfie Payments Rolling Out In The U.S. Early Next Year
Mastercard introduced its selfie payment mode earlier this year, it’s a new safety feature that lets users verify online transactions by using biometrics such as fingerprints and facial images. The company did say that this feature – formally called Identity Check Mobile – will be rolled out in the United States at some point in the future. Mastercard has now said that selfie payments will go live for BMO customers […]

Woman Steals Baby Deer To Take A Selfie
People will go to great lengths to take the perfect selfie in some cases that has meant a rather tragic ending, this time, it’s not a tragic ending for a human being but for a fawn or baby deer. A woman in Michigan stole fawns from the forest and brought them home not only to raise them as pets but also to take lots of selfies with them.

Man Takes Selfie With Walrus, Gets Killed By Walrus
People have been known to do stupid things for taking selfies. They have caused damage to priceless works of art and some have even shot themselves when trying to take selfies with loaded guns. Add this incident which took place in China recently to the list as well. A man took a selfie with a walrus and that same walrus ended up killing him.

Selfies Caused An Increase In Lip Surgeries Last Year
Selfies are a global phenomenon, a craze that doesn’t appear to be in the mood to die down anytime soon, it leads people to do some crazy things to get the perfect selfie. These crazy things can often get them injured or killed but to some people that possibility doesn’t factor in the quest for the perfect selfie. New data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveals that […]

Baby Dolphin Dies After Tourists Grab At It To Snap Selfies [Update]
Update – Turns out the story might not be true after all. A report from the BBC and Metro have stated that the photographer who took the photo told Argentinian news outlet Telefe Noticias that the baby dolphin was dead when it was washed up on shore, and that the beachgoers actually tried to put it back in the water.Are selfies bad or wrong? Inherently they are not, but like we have said time […]

Panasonic Lumix GF8 Is Aimed At The Selfie Lover
If you love taking selfies, and high-quality ones at that, you might be interested in checking out Panasonic’s latest camera in the form of the Lumix GF8. This is the company’s latest camera and it comes with certain features that seemed to be aimed at users who love capturing selfies on their cameras.

President Obama Is Officially Sick Of Selfies
Dad-in-Chief Barack Obama is not a fan of taking selfies on the campaign trail — BuzzFeed News (@BuzzFeedNews) February 11, 2016Back in the day when you meet your idol, your favorite band, or someone famous or important, you’d shake their hand and ask for an autograph. Fast forward to today, and it seems that getting a selfie with that person (or persons) is the next big thing. While there’s nothing […]

Teen Reportedly Falls To Death Capturing Extreme Selfie
Sadly people often tend to do stupid things to capture selfies that they think would get much traction with their online communities, there have been countless reports of people getting hurt while they desperately try to get that perfect selfie. A teen in Russia met a far worse fate, he reportedly fell to his death from a 9-story building as he tried to capture an extreme selfie.

Teen Fatally Shoots Himself After Posing For Selfie With A Gun
Selfies are fun, but they can also be dangerous. For example we have heard stories of how some people looking to grab the ultimate selfie have landed themselves in all kinds of accidents. Last year we heard about how a man posed with a gun for a selfie before accidentally shooting himself, killing himself in the process.As if that wasn’t enough warning, earlier this year a woman also managed to […]

Tourism Australia Launches Giant Selfie Service To Attract Tourists
Selfies are a huge thing with smartphone OEMs creating smartphones designed to take selfies, which basically means that these phones come with wide-angle, bright, and high megapixel front-facing cameras. In fact some camera makers have also tried to create compact cameras aimed at selfie lovers too.Basically selfies are huge, and it looks like Tourism Australia wants to capitalize on that. The organization has recently launched an oversized selfie service called […]