Recently Tesla had gotten into the news when it was revealed that because of how solidly built the Model S was, that it prevented potential serious injuries to its occupants. Now it looks like another Tesla story has made its way online, and this time it is about how the company’s new autopilot mode might have saved a life.

According to the post on Reddit, user Jhall118 recounted (with video, see above) how the autopilot mode of his Tesla vehicle saved him from a head-on collision. As you can see in the video above, basically what happens is that a car going the opposite direction suddenly decides to turn onto Jhall118’s lane.

However because of autopilot, it caused the car to brake in time before there an accident could have occurred, although we suppose the driver could have technically braked himself, but then again the car’s sensors and algorithms could have reacted faster and better than most humans would.

Autopilot is an interesting feature that Tesla has announced. It isn’t really about creating self-driving cars, but it’s like an enhanced version of cruise control. Recently there have been videos showing how some drivers have been particularly reckless with the feature, so this is one of the few videos that shows how safe it is when used properly.

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