According to a new report next week Time Warner Cable is going to start testing its TWC TV service that’s meant for those who want cable TV without the cable box, it will be an online-only service that will enable users to stream cable TV from TWC on a variety of devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones. The test version of the service will reportedly be available to customers in New York City initially because the company decides to roll it out to everybody.

Engadget reports that the TWC TV service will support multiple platforms however the company is going to focus on streaming through Roku set-top boxes, and those who participate in the test will receive a Roku 3 for free.

Time Warner customers will be able to opt for this service by paying an additional $10 per month over their internet service for the “Starter” TV package, for $20 per month customers will also get Showtime and Starz. Those who want the entire list of channels without the cable box can pay $50 per month.

Video on-demand will reportedly be available but TWC TV users won’t have any DVR features, that’s one major issue with most internet-only TV streaming services, but nevertheless they are increasingly becoming popular and that’s one of the reasons why major players in the TV industry are now rapidly adapting to better cater to cord-cutters.

It’s not known for sure as yet when TWC’s internet-only TV streaming service will be released for everybody.

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