uncharted 4Yesterday the folks at Naughty Dog unveiled a video that showed off what we might be able to expect from the multiplayer aspect of Uncharted 4. It looked really fun and one of the highlights, we think, is the use of the grappling hook which does make for a unique and more dynamic way of playing the game.


That being said it seems that for those curious about the multiplayer, more details have been revealed courtesy of the folks at VG247. According to them, they were told by Naughty Dog that the game’s multiplayer servers will not be dedicated. This is unlike other games that feature multiplayer setups that have their own dedicated servers.

Instead hosting will be done peer-to-peer. According to the game’s lead multiplayer designer Robert Cogburn, “We’ll still have a host, it’s still peer-to-peer.” We suppose it wouldn’t make sense for them to dedicate servers just for this aspect of the game, but at the same time we have to wonder how they will handle situations in which a player drops out.

Cogburn also goes on to confirm that vehicles will be added to the game’s multiplayer mode at a later date, so don’t expect it when it is shipped, and there is also no word on when it will be added. “I can tell you for ship we will not have vehicles, but it is something we’re hoping to tackle in the future.”

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