Last month the folks at Naughty Dog confirmed that Uncharted 4 would have a multiplayer beta that gamers can participate in as long as they buy Uncharted: The Nathan Drake collection and own a Sony PlayStation 4 console. For those wondering what the multiplayer will look like, Sony has since published a video showing it off.

The video above basically shows gamers what they can expect from the upcoming multiplayer beta for the game. Given that it is a beta, it also means that Naughty Dog could be making changes to the final product that is shipped, so do take note that what you see and what you might potentially be experiencing isn’t necessarily the final cut.

On the PlayStation Blog, Sony also detailed some features of the multiplayer such as introducing Sidekicks, which according to its description: “When you are in a pinch you can call in your friendly Sidekick to help you. These are unique, AI controlled characters that come equipped with unique abilities that can help turn the tide of a battle.”

There are also Mystical powers which are basically supernatural abilities that helps enhance the gameplay. Players will also be able to utilize the grappling hook in the multiplayer maps, thus creating for some interesting and dynamic gameplay. The beta for the multiplayer is scheduled for the 4-13th of December 2015, with the game’s official release pegged for the 18th of March 2016.

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