sony-morpheus-gdc2014-hubert-nguyenVirtual reality is expected to be the next frontier of gaming. Given the interest we’ve seen from companies Sony, Facebook, Samsung, and Valve, it certainly seems to be headed in that direction. But if we were to look beyond virtual reality, what could be the next medium that follows it?

While we suppose it’s hard to tell, filmmaker and Vrse CEO Chris Milk seems to think that virtual reality will be the last medium. Speaking to Re/code in a Q&A, Milk was quoted as saying, “It’s the first medium that has actually interfaced on a truly human level with our human senses — two of them right now, eyes and ears. Ultimately, what we’re talking about is a medium that disappears, because there is no rectangle on the wall, and there is no page you’re holding in your hand. It feels like real life.”

It’s an interesting perspective, but we’re not sure if it is one held by many. For example recently Xbox boss Phil Spencer shared his opinion that he would like to see virtual reality and traditional gaming to co-exist, as opposed to one medium taking over the other, like how mobile gaming is starting to dominate to the point where Sony is not entertaining thoughts of a PS Vita successor, but what do you guys think? Will VR be our final medium?

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