Microsoft indulged into a bit of a numbers game at its event in New York today where it showed off some new devices, it felt that this was the right time and place to talk about how many devices have been upgraded to Windows 10 since the software was announced earlier this year in July. Turns out the number is quite high, there are more than 110 million devices out there that are running on Windows 10, Microsoft confirmed today.

It seems like Windows 10 is off to a pretty good start and it just might enable the company to reach the goal it has set for Windows 10 back in April, Microsoft expects that the software will reach over 1 billion devices within two to three years.

Microsoft’s Terry Myerson also had some numbers to share regarding the company’s new web browser Microsoft Edge, Myerson revealed that 650 billion web pages have been viewed using the new browser, and that users have streamed 120 years worth of gameplay from Xbox to Windows 10 machines.

That’s not all, Microsoft has also clocked one billion visits to the Windows app store from Windows 10 machines since the software was released on July 29th, and its virtual private assistant Cortana has handled more than one billion queries from devices running Windows 10 since launch.

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