windows 10 upgradeA couple of weeks ago we reported that it seemed that Windows 10 had automatically installed for some users, even if they hadn’t asked for it. The issue stemmed from a glitch in Windows Update in which the optional updates which would begin the installation process were selected, when they normally wouldn’t.

Turns out that Microsoft really wants users to upgrade because according to a host of new complaints from users on social media, it seems that the upgrade notifications are starting to pop up more frequently than ever, and it does not seem like there is a way to disable those pop-up notifications either.

Granted the upgrade is free and that should be a good thing, but for some users perhaps they’re holding off on upgrading until more bugs and kinks have been fleshed out, or maybe some users just have no interest in upgrading at all. Either way it seems that the only way to go about getting rid of said notifications would be by editing the Windows registry to choose what apps can run at startup.

Alternatively there are tools available, such as Windows 10 When I Want and I Don’t Want Windows 10 that will help deal with these notifications. Like we said, it’s a good thing what Microsoft has done in offering the upgrade for free, but it does seem like their marketing is a bit too aggressive for some. In the meantime, any of our readers experiencing excessive upgrade notifications themselves?

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