yahoo-logoFor awhile now, Yahoo has largely relied on Microsoft’s Bing to help power their search engine. However it looks like that has changed because both Yahoo and Google have recently entered in a new agreement in which the latter will now help power search results, image searches, and ad services for Yahoo.

However it should be noted that this does not mean that Yahoo and Microsoft’s partnership has come to an end, or that Google search will now replace all of Bing’s searches by default via Yahoo. While the terms of the agreement are unclear, basically Yahoo has the discretion as to which searches will get sent to Google with no minimum amount required.

In a statement issued by Microsoft, “We remain committed to the Yahoo syndication partnership and will continue to serve the majority of Yahoo traffic as outlined in our contract extension. Yahoo is a valued partner and we look forward to continuing to serve our advertising customers through the Bing Ads marketplace.”

Yahoo and Microsoft are still currently in their 10-year deal that they entered into back in 2010. However recent changes have seen the terms loosened that allows either company to walk away as long as there is a minimum of four months’ notice. The deal with Google on the other hand is shorter and will last until the end of 2018.

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