samsung logo 4It looks like the upcoming generation of Samsung Galaxy A devices have started to make themselves more noticeable, especially when we talk about FCC leaks and the ilk. Tech journalist Anooni Monaco has tweeted that consumers will in all probability, be able to enjoy the benefits of fingerprint scanners on the upcoming models as well. Samsung had already worked on including the fingerprint scanner in the home button of its devices prior to this, and hence to see it happen in the Galaxy A range is no surprise as well.

With the next generation of Galaxy A models being close to their release, especially having both the second generation Samsung Galaxy A3 and Samsung Galaxy A5 dropping by the FCC in recent times to pick up the relevant certification so that they can see action in the US, one now knows that they will feature support for NFC, in addition to a fingerprint scanner. This might also point to the very real possibility of using Samsung Pay, the mobile payment service, with the Galaxy A range. At this point in time, only high end Samsung smartphones support Samsung Pay. The future looks bright for the Galaxy A range, don’t you think so?

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