Aerospace company Aurora Flight Sciences has teamed up with 3D printing company Stratasys to collaborate on what is deemed to be the first 3D-printed, jet-powered aircraft which saw action at the Dubai Airshow. This particular drone could very well be the fastest unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone assembled to date, especially when it can hit a maximum speed of 150 miles per hour while in mid-flight, now how about that?


The whole goal of this project is to prove how 3D printing is a crucial factor in speeding up the UAV building process, and sometimes, the solution could be very simple without us knowing it. Don’t you think that this feat showcases what kind of potential that drone production has down the road with the implementation of 3D printing? Not only that, 3D printing also helped to reduce production costs, which in turn freed up the team to play around with complex designs that could let drones achieve a whole lot more.

This 30 pound drone boasts of a nine-foot wingspan, with a top speed of 150 miles per hour, which would make it one of the fastest around, as other drones will only hit 100 miles per hour, tops. Surely the military would find some use for such technology if they haven’t yet done so already.

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