airfuel allianceWhen it comes to wireless charging, the big issue here is that there does not appear to be a clear industry standard as of yet. There are currently three wireless charging organizations, all of whom are trying to make their technology the industry standard. We have PMA, A4WP, and how could we forget WPC (behind the Qi wireless charging tech).

However it looks like we have a new player in town, sort of. This new player comes in the form of AirFuel Alliance and now if you’re thinking that this means we’ll have four different standards to deal with, we will actually have only two. This is because AirFuel Alliance is actually the combination of both PMA and A4WP.

For those unfamiliar, earlier this year both organizations announced that they will soon be merging into a single organization, with that organization now revealed to be AirFuel Alliance. According to the President of AirFuel Alliance Ron Resnick, “AirFuel technology is the next step in fast-tracking the commercialization of wirelessly charged products.”

Resnick adds, “We embrace a new, inclusive ideal of wireless charging and those member companies within AirFuel Alliance are energized towards bringing wireless power products to consumers globally.” It is unclear if this new entity will result in a wireless charging standard that the industry can all agree on, but no doubt the might of both organizations will help in achieving that.

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