SpaceX has demonstrated multiple times that it’s capable of landing its reusable Falcon 9 rocket back on solid ground. It has launched performed landings on a barge at sea multiple times. However, the company is yet to relaunch one of its Falcon 9 rockets that have already been to space. It did say that this was going to happen in 2017 and now SpaceX has confirmed when it’s going to happen. SpaceX will relaunch a previously used Falcon 9 rocket on March 30th.

SpaceX is going to launch a satellite into orbit and while this is a routine job for the company by now, the occasion is going to be more stressful given that it’s the first time SpaceX is relaunching a Falcon 9 rocket that has been used on a previous mission to space.

SpaceX has since been testing the recovered rockets to ascertain if they will be able to make the journey again and how much repairs are required to make that happen. The rocket that it has chosen for this mission previously flew on a resupply mission to the International Space Station in April last year.

Not only is SpaceX relaunching a Falcon 9 rocket that has previously been used on a mission, the company is going to try and land it back once again on a drone ship at sea. This means that this rocket could potentially make more tours of space in the future if everything goes according to plan.

The rocket is scheduled to launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida on Thursday around 6PM ET.

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