Image credit - iFixit

Image credit – iFixit

The Apple Pencil is an accessory and a stylus designed specifically for the iPad Pro in mind. It is also probably one of the most expensive styli around at the moment with a price tag of $99, meaning that you’ll want to be extra careful with it because replacing it can get pretty damn expensive.

That being said, what if we wanted to fix it? In a recent teardown of the Apple Pencil, the folks at iFixit have decided that the device has scored a 1/10 in terms of repairability, which is basically almost like saying you should not even bother. However if there is one component that is replaceable, it would be the nib which can be replaced if it is worn out, damaged, or lost.

However as for the rest of the stylus, you probably shouldn’t bother. iFixit has found that the Apple Pencil is definitely not meant to be opened as opening it would basically destroy it. The interior is also found to be impossible to remove without risking damage to the components, and last but not least, its battery was found to be impossible to replace.

What does this mean for the iPad Pro user? Basically if the battery on the Apple Pencil dies, and it will die eventually, you’ll have to purchase a new one. Of course we expect that it will most likely last you a couple of years before it finally succumbs, but that’s something to take note of if you are planning on investing in the iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil, an issue you’ll probably never have to face with a regular stylus.

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