One of the accessories of the iPad Pro is the Apple Pencil, which we guess at the end of the day is a souped up stylus. Now the stylus has functions of its own meaning that it will also need some kind of power to keep it going. Once that’s all said and done, it will also need to be charged.

One of the ways that you can charge the Apple Pencil is by plugging it into the Lightning port of the tablet. This essentially leaves the Apple Pencil sticking out rather dangerously and we can only imagine that a bump or two will either result in it snapping or bending. Or so we thought. Recently a video posted by Zach Straley made its way online which shows that the Apple Pencil is more durable than we thought.

Now we should point out that the tests that Straley is performing can hardly be considered scientific, but for the most part he demonstrates the kind of situations that we might find ourselves in. Based on the video, the Apple Pencil seems to hold up pretty well and it also appears that Apple might have built some kind of hinge to allow the plug in the Apple Pencil some give.

It is only with considerable force that Straley was finally able to break the stylus. So if you are planning on picking up the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro and you’re wondering about durability, hopefully this video will answer your questions.

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