itunes tncIt is safe to say that the majority of us can’t be bothered reading the terms and conditions of software we use. After all they tend to be pretty draggy and for the most part, we sort of get what they’re trying to say, which is don’t pirate it, and don’t use it in ways that it was not intended to be used.


Now thanks to artist Robert Sikoryak, it seems that reading the iTunes Terms & Conditions has gotten infinitely better as what he has done is turn pages of boring legalese into an exciting comic. Basically it features Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs in comic form, with the text in the comic being a copied version of the iTunes Terms & Conditions.

Like we said, it’s quite boring to read it as it is, but in comic form it seems to have gotten more interesting, or at the very least it makes you want to read part of it and see how it relates to the drawings. Now if you are curious and want to actually read it, Sikoryak is selling the complete version which is split into two books.

They are priced at $8 each (part 1 here, part 2 here) and might actually be the first and only time people are actually willing to pay to read the fine print. Earlier we reported that developers of Divinity: Original Sin had some fun with its fine print, rewarding players who actually bothered to read it to the end.

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