Our phones can sometimes die at the most inopportune moments. This is why having a battery pack or charging case with you while you’re out and about isn’t always a bad idea. However if you’d rather not deal with the bulk, then charging while you drive is a good alternative and Belkin might have some new accessories worth checking out.

Dubbed the Car Power Valet, these are a set of chargers designed for the car. In fact Belkin has designed them so that they will fit nicely with the interior to high-end vehicles, but hey, if you can afford the accessories, feel free to use it in your regular car all the same. The chargers will feature an aluminum and stainless steel build.

This should lend to the durability and design of the device. However they are more than just about looks. Under the hood, there is an embedded smart chip that helps determine how much energy will be pushed out to your device, thus preventing damage from excessive charging. While they are aimed at iOS devices, its USB port will let you connect micro USB cables to it as well to charge non-iOS devices.

There are two options available: a single port that can charge 1.2A for the iPhone and 2.4A for an iPad, or a two port version that charges for a total of 4.8A. It is priced at $80 for the single port version, and the dual port version is priced at $100. Both will include a braided Lightning cable with magnetized cable heads so that you can stick it onto your car’s dashboard.

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