There are plenty of dating apps out there today. For the most part a lot of them allow you to upload any kind of photo you want. This can be dangerous as there are probably several malicious users out there who plan on using these fake profiles to catfish unsuspecting victims either to blackmail them or scam them of their money.

Enter Blume. This is a new iOS dating app that comes with a unique verification tool that will hopefully prevent cases of fraud in the future. Basically the app works pretty much like existing dating apps such as Tinder or OKCupid. However the difference here is its verification tool which will require users to snap selfies to verify themselves.

Blume-ScreenshotsHow it works is that when you match with someone, both users are required to snap a selfie. Once the selfie has been snapped, users can then choose to initiate the conversation, or if they find that the selfie does not match with the posted photos, they can choose to not begin the conversation. The selfies can also have text added to them ala Snapchat.

The app also prevents users from taking too many screenshots and will ultimately lead to short and long-term bans if violated. According to its CEO & co-founder Daniel Delouya, “Blume provides a safe environment where people can just relax and be themselves. Women, especially, tell us that for the first time ever they feel safe on a dating app by not having to worry about catfishing. That is why 65 percent of users who match actually initiate a conversation. Blume creates a platform where people can actually form authentic emotional relationships.”

Users interested in taking the app for a spin can head on over to the iTunes App Store for the download.

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