android-buyable-pins-lifestyleBack in June, Pinterest rolled out a new feature for its iOS users in the form of buyable pins. The good news is that if you’re an Android user and want that same feature and convenience, Pinterest has finally rolled out the feature to you guys. The update should be available via the Google Play Store so head on over for the update.

For those who are curious about the buyable pins, basically when browsing posts on Pinterest, there will be some items that are listed with a blue price tag, along with a button that says “Buy It”. What this means is that you can essentially shop for some of the cool stuff you find on Pinterest, as opposed to having to hunt it down yourself.

Of course not every item will be available for purchase, but the buyable pins will take out some of the guesswork for certain items. The checkout process is pretty straightforward as it will all take place within the app, so you won’t need to launch a separate window or go to a separate website to make your purchase.

Like we said, not every item will be available for purchase (naturally), but to help its users find items that are for sale, Pinterest has launched their new Pinterest Shop. This shop will be open to iOS and Android users and it is basically a collection of items that are for sale and are curated by the folks at Pinterest that might be worth checking out.

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