iPhone6s-4Color-RedFish-PR-PRINTThe thing with iPhones is that they are expensive to begin with, which is why some customers opt for the 16GB model which is the cheapest in the range. Going to 64GB and 128GB is a price that some are just unwilling to pay, and given that iPhones do not feature microSD card slots, memory expansion is out of the question.

However it would seem that over in China, you can pay as much as $90 and have your iPhone upgraded from its 16GB memory to 128GB memory. Apparently some repair shops in the country have found a way to upgrade the memory on iPhones, something which has not been done in the past.

This is done by tricking the iPhone into accepting a NAND chip that should not be there, thus taking advantage of a loophole found in Apple’s software. The entire process is relatively quick and will take about an hour to complete. However the process is a bit risky as it involves heat to remove the default memory chip and replace it with a new one.

Should anything go wrong, the onus will probably be on you, and we sincerely doubt that Apple will cover that damage under its warranty. That being said, the store in question is said to have successfully upgraded at least 70 devices, so they do have some experience under their belt it would seem.

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