It’s safe to say that smartwatches aren’t going anywhere. More and more companies have taken to developing these wearable devices and we’re even seeing traditional Swiss watch makers jump on the bandwagon as well. What if you want to make your existing watch “smart,” would that be possible? That’s precisely what Chronos does.

Chronos is essentially a small circular disc that can be attached to the back of any conventional wristwatch, inside that disc are the components required to put the smart in a smart watch.

Once Chronos has been slapped on the back it adds features like fitness tracking, and since it has a vibration motor and LED light, it can be paired with a smartphone to alert the user about incoming messages.

It won’t make the watch too bulky since Chronos is just 3mm thin and it rubber surface forms enough suction to keep it in place on the back of the watch. The features are obviously very limited, it’s not a full-fledged smartwatch experience, but Chronos is a good option for people who would like to wear a traditional watch but take advantage of some smartwatch features that are actually useful.

A companion app will be available for iOS and Android to configure settings and features, Chronos will begin shipping in spring next year, it’s now available to pre-order for $99.

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