fb interestedSomeone’s invited you to an event on Facebook. You’re not sure if you want to go or if you have the time, so you click “Maybe”. However it seems that Facebook has decided that “Maybe” is not the best way to convey your indecisiveness and has since removed the button and replaced it with “Interested”.The difference? Basically by clicking Interested, you are telling the event’s host/organizer that you are interested in going but you cannot decide right now. We suppose this is a more polite way of say Maybe which might be confusing for some who are wondering you are saying maybe because you are interested, or maybe because you’re just not sure.However apart from just getting a change in wording and intent, clicking the Interested button does more than that. The button will also subscribe you to notifications from the event as well as updates. So if you’d like to keep tabs on the event and maybe get some updates that might eventually convince you to go, then clicking the Interested button could be the way.This button is said to have been in testing over the past few weeks and apparently has been trialed as far back as 2013, but it is now official and users can click it as far as public events are concerned.

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