htc-one-a9_ubergizmo_10The HTC One A9 was announced a couple of weeks ago and if you did not pre-order the phone, fret not because both AT&T and Sprint have announced the handset’s availability. Fortunately for customers, it looks like the promotional price of the phone is still valid on HTC’s website so you still have time left before the price will go up.

As HTC had confirmed not too long ago, the phone will be priced $100 higher and will cost $500 once the phone hits retailers. However carriers such as AT&T have marked it up slightly and according to AT&T’s website, the phone will be priced at $520 as its retail price. Interestingly enough for some reason, Sprint has decided that the HTC One A9 is worth $700 outright.

We’re not sure who would actually pay that much for the HTC One A9 when you can purchase the company’s flagship phone for around the same price (or less), or even opt for a different brand for that amount of money. In any case if you do like what you see in the HTC One A9 and want to get your hands on it, you can do so by heading on over to AT&T or Sprint’s website for the details.

Alternatively you can still purchase the phone directly from HTC and take advantage of the lower price, but at the same time this means that you will have to pay one lump sum, as opposed to installment plans which is what both carriers are offering as payment options.

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