htc_one_a9_delayLast week we reported that the HTC One A9 would be available via AT&T and Sprint. However as it turns out, it seems that the handset has been delayed. This is according to emails that HTC have apparently been sending to its customers, informing them of the delay. This delay does not appear to be too long, but that will depend on who you ordered the handset from.

According to the email, HTC has informed some users that the handset will be shipped starting on the 10th of November at the earliest. This is a little later than what we expected, but it’s only by a few days so we guess that isn’t too bad. However if you bought the phone either for use on Sprint or Verizon’s network, it turns out that your phone has been delayed even further.

Based on the fine print on HTC’s website, which wasn’t there before, it has been revealed that Sprint’s version of the phone will only begin shipping either towards the end of November, or possibly in mid-December depending on which version you are choosing. We expect the delay probably won’t sit well with customers, especially when you consider that Sprint is charging $700 for the phone outright.

As for Verizon customers, the company claims that they are still working with the carrier on compatibility of the device over their network, so a December release is expected. We suppose until then customers will just have to wait.

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