apple logoThe iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are not all that old just yet – it has been just a couple of months since they were released, but rumors and predictions of an upcoming successor have already started to make their rounds. Research company TrendForce has a couple of things to say about the next generation of iPhones – that it will arrive with 3GB of RAM as well as waterproofing capability.

These two features are meant to be defining ones where the new iPhones are concerned. Of course, all of these are pretty much best taken with a generous dollop of salt, taking into consideration that it is still a long, long way off from an actual release, the final features are far from confirmed. However, it is within the realm of possibility for the iPhone 7 Plus to get a larger amount of memory, and should both models should be waterproof, this would also be a first where Apple is concerned.

Those who are rocking to Android-powered devices would certainly be laughing at the waterproof feature, since waterproof or water-resistant devices have been around for quite some time already where Android devices are concerned, especially those that hail from devices. What do you think of a waterproof iPhone – will it be able to have that kind of wow factor, or will it just be a “meh” moment?

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