Los Angeles is one of the biggest and most vibrant cities on this planet so it’s perfect for a project of this nature. Philips has announced that it will be deploying 100 Philips SmartPoles in the city of Angels, the poles have connected LED street lighting and they also double as wireless sites for 4G LTE services which will improve access to connectivity in this dense urban area.

Philips is providing the lighting technology with the LTE side of things being made possible by Ericsson. L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti said “The analog light pole has evolved right here in Los Angeles,” while pointing out that his city has more poles than any other city in America so it really is the perfect place for this project.

The connected LED street lights can be monitored and controlled by city workers via Philips CityTouch, it’s an advanced street light asset management system from the company that relies on cloud-based technologies for effective management of street lights across the city.

Ericsson’s small cell technology will be housed in these poles to enable seamless mobile wireless 4G/LTE connectivity thus providing an alternate deployment methodology for 4G LTE broadband services that connect each pole via a fiber link to the core network.

What this means is that mobile networks can use these poles to further scale their wireless 4G LTE services beyond traditional sites and improve their coverage in packed urban areas like Los Angeles. Who would appreciate less chances of signal dropouts?

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