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Social networking is a double edged sword, and it really depends on how one uses it. It is a neutral platform, and while love stories have been regaled over Facebook before, the uglier side of sexual predators have also surfaced. A Greensburg mother who posed as her teen son on Facebook played a rather pivotal role in the arrest of an alleged sexual predator according to the local police.


The mother, who rightly preferred to remain anonymous, saw her “mom radar” go haywire when her 17-year-old son showed her several direct Facebook messages that he picked up from a stranger. The mom then decided to literally take matters into her own hands, and eventually she figured out that 40 year old Byron Caudill was offering $200 to her son so that the young man can perform a sex act on him.

The mother started to exchange all the more messages with Caudill in an effort to gather evidence so that the long arm of the law can catch up with Caudill. Greensburg Police Detective Bill Meyerrose said, “I can’t say enough good about mom.She was on board with this investigation from the beginning. And whatever we needed as far as the investigation, she was more than willing to help us do.”

Hopefully that this kind of active parenting will continue in the lives of many other children, as open lines of communication help bring a family closer and make it stronger.

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