Did you recently purchase a Nexus 5X and find out that some of the pictures you take with this device are showing upside down? That’s an issue that many users have been facing but fortunately the Nexus 5X upside down photos issue isn’t something that requires a major fix. Actually it’s not really Google’s fault, the buck stops at developers who have yet to update their apps to Google’s latest imaging APIs.


Many Nexus 5X owners were complaining about this issue on reddit when Google engineer Eino-Ville Talvala popped up on the thread to clear things up. He explained that this issue is caused by how the camera is placed inside the device during manufacturing.

To make sure that the wires fit the image sensor in Nexus 5X was installed in landscape orientation as opposed to portrait, to protect users against precisely this issue Google made changes to its software so that pictures taken with the device would always be displayed the right side up.

You won’t face this issue if you’re using the stock apps that came with the device itself. However Talvala pointed out that many third-party imaging app developers have yet to update their apps to the latest APIs which is the main reason why users are facing this issue. The company has now started asking developers to quickly update their apps to the latest APIs if they haven’t already.

If your preferred application still doesn’t receive an update that fixes this issue, give them a little nudge by sending them an email that serves as a reminder that they should update their app as soon as possible.

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