automationCreating scripts to automate certain things is nothing new to programmers. In fact such automation has been converted into apps like IFTTT in which certain tasks on our phones can be automated as well, however how far would you go to automate your life? Turns out that one programmer wants to automate everything, including make a cup of coffee to texting his wife.

The programmer recently shared those scripts on Github and if you’re a programmer looking to get in on this, some of them are pretty funny but pretty useful. According to the poster Nihad Abbasov, he discovered these scripts after one of the co-workers had left for a new job and found that there were scripts for all sorts of things.

For example there was a script that sends text messages to the programmer’s wife that he would be late at work followed by a reason selected at random from a preset list. This script would run whenever he logs into his computer after 9pm. There’s another script that scans for a particular customer’s name that he doesn’t like, and since this customer always asks for the same thing, the script automatically rolls the customer’s database to the latest backup.

There’s another that sends excuses to his boss, saying that he is sick and that he will be working from home, as long as he isn’t logged into the company’s servers by 8:45am. There is even a script that gets the company’s coffee machine to start brewing him a latte and waits 24 seconds before pouring it into a cup, because apparently that’s how long it takes for him to walk to the machine.

If you’d like to check the scripts out, hit up Github for the details. In the meantime any of our programming readers have novel scripts like these?

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