xperia-z5-premiumA couple of months ago, Sony announced the Xperia Z5 Premium with a 4K display, making it the first of its kind in the world. However it was later discovered that its 4K display wasn’t always at 4K, and that Sony from time to time and depending on the situation, would downscale the display in order to conserve battery.

However it seems that over in Japan, Kogakuin University and Fujitsu are working together on new display technology that can not only help boost phone displays to the 4K resolution, allow it to run at a stable 30fps, but at the same time require little to no extra power that one would have expected the phone needs in order to power such a high resolution display.

Such technology has actually been around for a few years now. The University actually used it in their Keisoku Giken’s FE super-resolution units, but thanks to Fujitsu’s help, they have managed to simplify the process and can now be applied to current smartphones without the need for extra hardware.

Of course whether or not such technology will be adopted remains to be seen. After all there is still ongoing debate as to whether or not QHD displays are truly necessary or if they’re simply a tool for marketing, but what do you guys make of this? Do you think that 4K displays will become the standard of smartphones in the future? Or do you think that Full HD or QHD is enough?

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