facebook logoWhen we’ve been deprived of our phones all day, most of us would rush to check Facebook or Twitter to get our fix of social media. It almost seems like doing those things makes us happy, or does it? According to a recent study conducted by the Happiness Research Institute, it seems that quitting Facebook actually makes people happier.

The study involved 1,095 daily Facebook users. Half the group was asked to quit Facebook for a week, while the other half went about their lives normally, checking Facebook on a daily basis. According to the results of the study, it found that those who quit Facebook reported that they were feeling more satisfied with their life and were happier.

They also found that the group that took a break from Facebook were more enthusiastic, less angry, and also less stressed. Their social activities were also on the rise. According to the researchers, the reason behind this is because Facebook highlights the best of peoples’ lives. This forces users to focus on what others have and what they don’t, which might explain why those who check Facebook on a regular basis might not be as happy.

Of course this isn’t to say that Facebook users are depressed, but if you do feel that social networks are running your life more than you’d like, perhaps it’s time to take a break from it. Who knows, you might end up feeling better about yourself if you do.

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