blackberry-priv-official-1T-Mobile and BlackBerry have an odd relationship. Last year both companies announced that their partnership had come to an end, although at that time it did not seem like it ended on the best of terms, but several months ago, the carrier seemed to have a change of heart and encouraged BlackBerry users to come back.

In fact if you do prefer T-Mobile’s network over the competition out there but you were a little bummed that they aren’t carrying the BlackBerry Priv, fret not. According to a statement a T-Mobile rep made to BlackBerryOS, it seems that the carrier has not completely ruled out the possibility of the phone arriving on their network in the future.

According to the rep, “The Priv is not available at T-Mobile at this time, however we do partner closely with all OEM’s, including BlackBerry, to continually evaluate and adjust our portfolio. While we don’t have news to share at this time, we’ve always been a supporter of the ‘bring your own device’ concept and welcome anyone who purchases the unlocked device for use on T-Mobile’s network.”

As it stands, the only carrier to officially announce that they will be carrying the device is AT&T, in which the phone is expected to be made available on the 6th of November. However if you were to purchase the phone unlocked, you should have no issues using it on T-Mobile as well, so until then we guess that’s the only option you have.

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