T-Mobile had a couple of really interesting announcements to make at its Uncarrier X event, it’s the tenth Uncarrier announcement that the carrier has made, some of them have really proven to be disruptive for the country’s cellular industry. One of the announcements at Uncarrier X was that all Simple Choice plan users now get double the amount of data that they get right now for no extra charge, and this is a permanent thing.

The carrier has simply doubled the data allotment offered on Simple Choice plans, subscribers who were on the 1GB, 3GB and 5GB plans previously will now have 2GB, 6GB and 10GB of monthly data at no additional charge.

Those who are now on the 6GB and 10GB plans will also be able to access Binge On, Magenta’s new program, which enables them to stream unlimited video content from 24 services including Netflix and Hulu without having to worry about it eating into their data allotment, because it doesn’t.

Family Match is also a part of Simple Plan Amped, that’s what T-Mobile is calling it now, Family Match brings double the data for all lines on a family plan for the same price provided that all lines have the same amount of data.

Magenta has made sure that users on the unlimited 4G LTE data plan also feel the love which is why it has doubled their mobile hotspot allotment from 7GB to 14GB at no charge to them, all subscribers will get the double data allotment automatically.

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