It’s quite common in the gaming industry to continue releasing annual iterations of a popular franchise, look no further than Call of Duty, it takes time and effort to build a robust community of players around a title and if it develops into a franchise there’s always the potential of making big money. That’s not quite how Hidetaka Miyazaki is approaching things though, he has floated the possibility that there may not be another Dark Souls game.

“I don’t think it’d be the right choice to continue indefinitely creating Souls and Bloodborne games”  said Miyazaki in an interview with Gamespot.

Miyazaki said that he considers the upcoming Dark Souls 3 to be the “big closure” to this entire series, clarifying that this isn’t just limited to him, rather he and From Software together want to “aggressively make new things in the future.”

He agrees that the upcoming title is going to be an important milestone in the evolution of From Software however he strongly believes that the studio has to create new things, promising that “there will be new types of games coming from us,” without revealing any details of what we can expect from this studio in the future.

It most likely won’t be another Dark Souls game.

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