amazon-ar-patent-2015-12-02-01At the moment devices like Google Glass and Microsoft’s HoloLens sort of gives the wearer augmented reality thanks to a built-in screen on the headset. However thanks to a recently discovered Amazon patent, it has revealed that the company has envisioned a future in which augmented reality will not require any kind of headset, and where an entire room can be transformed.

If you’re wondering why this concept sounds so familiar, it is because last year, Microsoft took the wraps off its RoomAlive concept (formerly known as IllumiRoom). Basically the idea behind RoomAlive used a combination of projectors and the Kinect to help turn a room into a virtual environment, and it looks like Amazon’s patent seems to suggest something similar with the use of cameras and projectors to project images and to track your hands as you interact with them.

The patent was created by the team at Amazon’s Lab126 division, which for those unfamiliar helped cook up projects like the Amazon Fire Phone (which had some form augmented reality) and the Echo speakers. That being said given that this is a patent, there’s no telling if Amazon will ever make it a reality. However it does offer up a lot of potential, like being able to browse products and interact with them before buying them, or being able to watch shows and interact with them without the need for a remote.

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