boeing 737 max 3If you think that the planes you fly in are pretty old, you might be interested to learn that Boeing has recently unveiled the Boeing 737 MAX. This is the company’s latest plane and it is expected to have its maiden flight come early 2016. Of course many of us will not be on that flight as deliveries of the plane are only expected to take place in the third quarter of 2017.


This means that if you really wanted to ride on Boeing’s latest airlines, you still have quite a bit of waiting to do. However Southwest Airlines’ fleet compromises of almost-exclusively of Boeing 737s so the airline will be Boeing’s launch partner, so that’s worth taking note if you just want to fly on the company’s latest aircraft.

So what so special about the 737 MAX? For starters its design does not appear to deviate too much from the classic 737 design that we’ve come to know (and love, for some). However Boeing is boasting that this will be one of their most efficient planes ever with 20% lower fuel consumption and the lowest operating costs.

It also features giant split winglets and a new generation of engines dubbed the LEAP-1B. This is what will help the plane with its fuel efficiency. In any case if you’re bit of an aviation enthusiast then head on over to Boeing’s website for the more technical details about the upcoming aircraft.

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