dota_2_arc_wardenValve’s DotA 2 has a ton of heroes that gamers can choose from, but if for some reason none of them have really appealed to you, you might be interested to learn that Valve has recently announced the latest update to the game in the form of version 6.86 which they are calling “The Balance of Power” update.

Possibly the most notable change with the update is the addition of a new hero in the form of the Arc Warden (which was one of the heroes from the original DotA). According to the description of the hero, “Assault lone enemies with fluxing energy, or distort space to generate a protective field around allies. Summon a Spark Wraith to patrol an area for enemies to infuse with harmful magic, then create a double of Zet, items and all, to overwhelm your foes.”

The hero comes with abilities such as Flux, Magnetic Field, Spark Wraith, and Tempest Double as its ultimate. The update will also introduce an Arcana item in the form of Tempest Helm of the Thundergod for the Zeus hero. There is also the inclusion of the desert terrain as promised to owners of The International 2015 Compendium, a music pack, improved shadow quality, and more.

As expected the update will also bring about bug fixes, balancing, tweaks and changes to the DotA 2 client, and more. So if you’d like to see the rest of the changes that Valve has made in version 6.86 of the game, head on over to the DotA 2 website for the details.

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