facebook logoBullying back in the day before the internet used to be confined to schools or the playground. However with technology like the internet, bullying not only takes place in school, but even after you’ve gone home where bullies become cyberbullies and could start harassing you on social media, whether you like it or not.

We have seen extreme cases where teens are bullied to the point of suicide, but what can we do about it? It seems that over in Europe, lawmakers are considering just banning teens under the age of 16 from using social media unless they have parental consent. We suppose we can see where they’re coming from, but a blanket ban does seem a bit excessive.

Naturally many have since come out in criticism of the idea. In an open letter written by European internet safety organizations and experts, it explains how the internet social media are actually beneficial to teens. “The Internet can represent a lifeline for children to get the help they need when they are suffering from abuse, living with relatives who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, or seeking confidential LGBT support services, to name a few.”

Many users on Twitter are also voicing their displeasure at the idea, citing personal experiences where thanks to social media, they have found other like-minded individuals or communities which helped them feel like they weren’t the only ones alone in the world, but what do you guys think? Is the blanket ban a bit too harsh? Are there better solutions to this?

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