Facebook has a habit of testing new features from time to time, it doesn’t necessarily mean that those features will ever see the light of day, but we often hear about some of the new things that the company is testing. Some users have noticed recently that a new feature has popped up when tells them when one of their friends is writing a comment on one of their posts. It doesn’t seem like much but it could potentially change how we use Facebook to interact with posts from the people in our networks.

This isn’t really a new feature since instant messaging apps have notified users when the person on the other end is punching in a message since like forever, but it’s interesting to see a similar feature pop up in the main Facebook for iOS application.

Facebook is only testing this feature as of now and it’s unclear if it plans on releasing it for all of its billion-plus users. It remains to be seen though whether this feature will help increase engagement on posts or will it deter people from actually commenting on posts, since the other person can see in real time that they’re typing a comment.

Social media reactions to this new feature test have been interesting to say the least, some say that this is a really creepy feature that shouldn’t see the light of day, others believe that drama posts will get SO much better once this feature goes live.

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