It was only a couple of years ago that the prototype model of the HondaJet moved from testing to production prior to completing its maiden flight. Back in May last year the Honda Aircraft Company revealed the first production HondaJet and since then many other tests have been conducted. Things have been progressing quite nicely because the HondaJet has now been cleared for takeoff.

Honda Aircraft Company has received type certification for the seven-seat HondaJet, this has paved the way for deliveries to begin by then end of 2015. It’s already preparing for pilot training and deliveries since the company has 25 jets in final assembly at its facility in North Carolina.

The certification signifies that the plane’s manufacturing design is airworthy and that it can take to the skies, enabling the company to start worrying about actually delivering the jets to customers. Michimasa Fujino, president of Honda Aircraft, has said that the company has already received over 100 orders for this jet that costs around $4.5 million.

Honda says that its jet is the most fuel efficient, fastest and quietest jet in its class. It’s also a bit unique in that the jet’s engines are bolted on top of the wings which not only increases fuel efficiency by 15 percent up also frees up about 20 percent of more space in the cabin.

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