Nexus-6P-Black-01Several months ago Google and Huawei announced the Nexus 6P. This is one of the two latest Nexus handsets launched, and it also marks the first time that Huawei has ever made a Nexus handset. That being said we have seen Google turn to the likes of Samsung and LG multiple times in the past, so is Huawei’s Nexus experience a one-time encounter or could there be more?

According to Chinese electronics industry analyst Pan Jiutang, he claims that Huawei could be in charge of making the Nexus phone in 2016. Presumably Google still has plans for Nexus handsets next year and if Pan’s predictions are correct, Huawei could be responsible for the 2016 Nexus, or at least be responsible for one of them.

Pan also notes that there is a good chance that the Snapdragon 820 chipset will find its way into the handset. We suppose this is a given especially when you consider that the Nexus 6P uses the Snapdragon 810, so it only makes sense that 2016’s Nexus, regardless of who is making it, will most likely use the Snapdragon 820 or its equivalent.

Take it with a grain of salt for now since we reckon it might still be a bit too early to start deciding who will make next year’s Nexus, but what do you guys think of the idea of Huawei making it? Do you love the Nexus 6P enough to see a repeat performance from the Chinese company?

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