share_trip_bundlesFor those unfamiliar, Inbox by Gmail is basically Google’s attempt at trying to “fix” email. The idea is to help you keep your inbox clean so that when new and important emails come in, they won’t be lost in a sea of read/unread messages. It also sorts out your emails by category, like finance, purchases, and etc.


Earlier this year Google introduced Trip Bundles to Inbox by Gmail and basically this is a feature where all the details of your upcoming trip, like flight tickets, hotel accommodations, car rentals, and so on are grouped together so that at a glance, you can see everything at once as opposed to having to comb through multiple emails.

Google has recently issued an update to the feature where you can now share those Trip Bundles with other people. Maybe you’d like your secretary at work to help keep track of your trip, or maybe you want to share your itinerary with friends who will be joining you, or you want to keep your parents in the loop of your travel plans, and basically with the update you can share those plans with a touch of a button.

In addition to this update, Google has also allowed users to add emails to a trip, so for example if you have some emails about the trip that Inbox by Gmail has not lumped into the Trip Bundle, you can now add them via the “Move to” option. The changes should have already been implemented so fire up Inbox by Gmail to check it out.

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