ios 9 homescreenLast month and last we checked, iOS 9’s adoption was sitting at 66%. Now that we are in December, has that number changed/moved? Naturally it has because according to the latest figures on Apple’s website, it looks like iOS 9 has finally reached that 70% mark in about two and a half months, which is actually a pretty impressive feat.

However how does that compare to previous builds of iOS? Back in 2014 with the release of iOS 8, it only managed to hit the 60% mark towards the end of November. As for iOS 7, it managed to hit 74% around the same time as this year, suggesting that in terms of adoption rates, iOS 9 is almost on par with iOS 7.

We suppose to be fair, iOS 7’s adoption is a lot faster as it represented a huge change to the iOS platform. Not only did it introduce new features, it also brought about an updated and more modern and clean look, something that Apple took about 7 builds to get there. As for iOS 8, there were a lot of improvements and changes, but it wasn’t particularly big, at least not big enough to warrant users rushing to install it.

It is possible that iOS 9 could have seen higher adoption rates by now. However at the time of launch, there were several hiccups and bugs that might have put some users off the update, but for the most part it seems that the major bugs have been addressed, so if you’re still holding out on updating, perhaps it’s time to reconsider.

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