ios_9_nov_adoptioniOS 9’s adoption appears to be going really well. According to the latest figures found on Apple’s developer page, it seems that iOS 9’s adoption has risen to 66%, or if you want to look at it another way, the operating system is currently installed on two-thirds of iOS device. Pretty impressive when you consider that it’s not even half a year since its release.

For those who haven’t been keeping track, a couple of weeks ago the published numbers were at 61%, marking this as a rise of 5% in about two weeks. Prior to that in early October, the numbers were at 57% so to see a nearly 10% rise in a month is commendable, even though iOS 9 came with its fair share of issues.

It’s interesting to see how iOS 9 is outpacing its predecessor in terms of how fast it is being adopted. Especially when you consider that at the start, there were issues with the update downloading and installing on iOS devices, which technically should have slowed the rate down which it didn’t.

There were also a bunch of bugs and issues, like notifications not appearing or sounding, although that seems to have been fixed with the release of iOS 9.1. iOS 9.2 is still in the works as a public beta which should further resolve any bugs that weren’t caught or fixed in iOS 9.1.

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