iPhone_6C_005It seems that despite the evidence that Apple has clearly moved away from the 4-inch form factor, rumors about the 4-inch iPhone 6c have refused to die. In fact according to the latest report out of China, it has been suggested that Apple might even be planning a launch of the handset come January 2016.

The phone is then expected to go on sale in February. Given that Apple typically does not hold events in January or February, at least not as far as the recent years have proven, we’re not sure if Apple would hold a special event just for the smaller iPhone. If that is not the case, then at best what we could be looking at would be a quiet launch on Apple’s website and online store.

That being said this isn’t the first time we have heard iPhone 6c rumors. Previously we had heard that it could launch in Q2 2016, and there was another rumor hinting at H1 2016, so we guess technically a launch in January would make at least one of the rumors right. In terms of features, it will apparently come with Touch ID and NFC to support Apple Pay.

However iPhone 6s and 6s Plus features like 3D Touch will not be making its way onto the phone. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but seeing how the iPhone 5c was kind of a flop, will the iPhone 6c face the same fate as well?

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