iphone 6c conceptThere have been rumors back and forth regarding the rumored iPhone 6c. Some say it will be launched this year, some say it will be launched next year. Unfortunately apart from its rumored 4-inch display, not much is known about the handset for now. Earlier this year we got a look at some concept renderings of the handset.

Now thanks to designer Martin Hajek, we have some new concept renderings to look at. As you can see in the rendering, the iPhone 6c as envisioned by Hajek appears to be made from aluminum. In fact if anything, it looks like it is a smaller version of the iPhone 6. This is different compared to the previous version in which it was based off the iPhone 5c and had a plastic build.

Like we said not much is known about the iPhone 6c at the moment. Some have suggested we could be looking at yet another plastic build, but safe to say that based on this design, an aluminum build would be much more preferred. Obviously it has also incorporated Touch ID, but whether or not the rumored 3D touch feature will be making its way into the phone.

In any case there is a good chance that the phone will not be announced at Apple’s 9th of September event, so if you were hoping for it, you could be disappointed. In the meantime what do you guys make of the concept? Would a 4-inch iPhone 6c be something you might be interested in?

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