isis-droneISIS, the radical terrorist organization that has certainly committed a whole lot of atrocities over the past year, making Al-Qaeda look as though they were little kids, have been said to be purportedly placing small amounts of explosives on drones. Has there been evidence of using drones as a medium of attack? So far, nothing official has been revealed just yet, but Kurdish forces apparently shot down at least one of these explosives-carrying drones that were flown by ISIS.


This particular report remains unconfirmed, although the possibility is definitely not far fetched at all. Although the first attack was deemed to be a failure in ISIS’ eyes, that does mean that the world can now sit back and relax, as you can be sure that ISIS is going to try different ways to pull off a similar attack in the future, making drones all the more a terror threat than ever before.

What you see above is an image of a homemade attack drone. Although it was shot down before it was able to deliver its payload, a second drone exploded. As both drones were claimed to carry explosives, thankfully, no Kurdish soldiers were injured in the incident. Looks like this is another case that would bolster the need for drone registration with the FAA.

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