kojima productions caseAs many of you have heard by now, Hideo Kojima, the person whom many have associated with games such as Metal Gear Solid, has left Konami. He has however started his own studio called Kojima Productions and if you want to support his efforts by purchasing merchandise, he might have something for you.

Kojima has recently shared on Twitter an image of a smartphone case with the Kojima Productions logo on the back. The case itself appears to be rather solidly built and seems to be rather rugged in terms of its design, but at the same time the logo of Kojima Productions and the use of the black back panel adds a nice touch to it.

The case is made by Guild design but unfortunately Kojima did not state whether or not he would be making this case available to the public, or if this is simply a smartphone case for himself to celebrate the launch of his company. As it stands Kojima Productions has an online store where they are selling a bundle with a t-shirt, tumbler, stickers, and pins.

Based on this we suppose it wouldn’t really be a surprise if smartphone cases were eventually offered as well, but what do you guys think? If he started selling those cases would you be interested in purchasing one or two to show your support?

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