The way Hideo Kojima and Konami parted ways, you would have thought it may be long before we saw a new Metal Gear Solid game but that’s not the case. A few months after Kojima’s departure, Konami announced a new game in this franchise called Metal Gear Survive. It’s a bit different from previous titles and not how Kojima sees the franchise. This is probably why the Metal Gear Survive demo video that was posted online isn’t getting much love from fans.

Metal Gear Survive is basically a co-op game in which players have to kill zombies and avoid being killed, that’s the simplest possible way of describing what this game is.

Konami showcased a 15 minute demo of Metal Gear Survive during the Tokyo Game Show. So far, the video has been viewed more than have a million times and has received over 1,000 likes. In the same amount of time the video has received more than 14,000 dislikes.

Scroll down into the video’s comments and it’s evident that fans of the franchise are not exactly feeling any love for Metal Gear Solid. Sure, there are some who are keeping an open mind about it, but those who associate the entire franchise with Kojima don’t appear to be too happy.

Kojima was recently asked if he has been involved with this title in any capacity and he simply denied having any involvement whatsoever with Metal Gear Survive.

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