Hideo Kojima has long been associated with Metal Gear Solid and Konami but that relationship turned sour earlier this year. Kojima quietly left the publisher a few months back and it was only confirmed about a week ago that he’s no longer with Konami and that he has set up an independent studio. That said, Konami won’t be giving up on one of its most popular titles, it has now started recruiting for a “New Metal Gear” title.

Konami has set up a new job ad and it’s seeking development staff that’s going to work on the next Metal Gear title, this is as clear a sign as any that Konami fully intends to continue this franchise even if Kojima is no longer at the helm.

Kojima will not have anything to do with the new Metal Gear game, he has set up an independent studio that’s going to develop its first game as an exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

It’s clear how many of the team members that worked on Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain have followed Kojima to his new studio and how many have stayed behind at Konami as part of the internal production team that’s now going to work on the new Metal Gear game.

Recruiting is most certainly the first step in the long journey that’s eventually going to bring us a new Metal Gear game, fans will certainly be following all developments keenly, and Konami will have to outdo itself if it doesn’t want the scathing criticism that will follow the launch of a Metal Gear game that didn’t have Kojima leading the charge.

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